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Get Organized and Get More Done in 2020

Get Organized in 2020 with James Cardoza’s 2020 Calendar and Life Planner from James Cardoza on Vimeo.

Take charge of your day with James V. Cardoza's 2020 Calendar and Life Planner. This 8.5x11 planner gives you plenty of space to: map out your daily schedule; keep track of important tasks on a daily to do list; keep track of new business leads or revenue; record expenses / mileage; keep daily journal entries; and even rate how your day went overall, including scoring how things went with your significant other, family, friends, community, financially, religiously / spiritually, exercise, and eating/drinking habits.

Leading business executives and high performing salespeople often say "what gets measured gets done" and this combined daily calendar, note tracker, task list, business leads list, revenue and expense/mileage tracker, daily journal, and daily life scorer is just what you need to track what matters and get the important things done.

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