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Professional Real Estate Photography,
Videography, and FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Photography

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    Real Estate Photography, Aerial Imaging and Videography Services:
  • Residential Real Estate Photography
  • Commercial Real Estate Photography
  • Agricultural Real Estate Photography
  • Vacant Lots and Land Photography
  • Property Management and Rental Property Photography
  • Construction Progress Photos
  • Roof Photos and Property Photos for Solar Design, ADU, and Insurance Estimating
  • Aerial imaging of agricultural real estate to assist and facilitate crop inspections and agricultural loan collateral verifications
  • Virtual Property Preview Photos and Videos for Real Estate Investors and Owner-Occupied Buyers
  • "Drive By" Exterior Photos, Post-Disaster Inspections/Photography and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Reports for Mortgage Lenders and Loan Servicing Companies
  • Real Estate Agent and Property Photos and Videos for Agent and Property Marketing and Branding
  • Real Estate Agent and Construction Company Social Media Content Creation

Sample Photos
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  • Standard Real Estate Photography For Sales Transactions (Interior + Exterior) Starting at $100
  • Drone Real Estate Photography Starting at $100
  • Virtual Walk-Throughs (Branded or Unbranded For MLS/web/social media) Starting at $75
  • Real Estate Agent Short Videos (e.g. Open House Agent Interviews) for Social Media Starting at $50
  • Virtual Property Preview Photos for Real Estate Investors and Other Real Estate Buyers starting at $50
  • "Drive By" Low Resolution Exterior Only Photos starting at $25 (Front view, front angled view, address verification, two street views, additional photos of special features or repair items)
  • Travel fees may apply depending on distance and whether other photography sessions are scheduled in the same area on the same day.
  • Discounts available for bundled services (e.g. Discounts available when you order Standard Real Estate Photos + Drone Photos, or when you schedule multiple properties to be photographed on the same day.)
  • For other services, call for a quotation

    Why Choose James Cardoza dba Cardoza Pro Photo? James Cardoza...
  • Became a real estate agent and worked as a real estate paralegal and in property management before he became a dedicated real estate photographer, so he knows what the various target users (e.g. owner-occupied buyers, investor buyers, lenders, tenants, insurance agents, loan servicing companies, etc.) of real estate photos are REALLY looking for (Hint: It is NOT the same in every situation), and knows what needs to be done to portray the subject property objectively but also in the most positive light.
  • Uses professional equipment that is designed for the low-light conditions typical in interior photography, and set up for the optimal resolution for target users (e.g. some clients specifically require lower resolution photos, while others require higher resolution).
  • Will photograph your property from positive angles, but not in such a way that inadvertently misrepresents the appearance of your property. Although virtual staging, virtual upgrades, virtual twilight, and other touchups may be ideal for real estate photos that are used in architectural or interior design magazines, such enhancements and alterations can run real estate agents and real estate sellers afoul of rules against misrepresenting (e.g. - Although using professional editing software to delete the high voltage power lines from the back of your lot might make the photos look nicer, such deletion of power lines could result in a lawsuit.)
  • Can save agents, property owners, property managers and other real estate, lending, agricultural, and construction industry professionals time, enabling them to do what they best - find buyers and sellers, price properties properly, negotiate contracts, and close sales.
  • Is licensed by the FAA (Part 107) to operate drones commercially and uses a 4k drone to take high quality aerial photos; flying a drone as an agent (and possibly as a seller of real property) to take photos for the purpose of marketing a property or other commercial purposes could land the agent or property owner to significant fines from the FAA - That is a risk you don't need to take.
  • Uses a combination of picture orientations, aspect ratios, and zoom levels to provide users both a macro level and micro level view of the subject property.
  • Can tailor the project to fit your specific needs (e.g. basic photos with super fast turnaround and at a very affordable price; higher resolution, edited and stitched panoramic photos (may require additional lead time); or anything else in between).
  • Approaches real estate photography as both a tool for marketing, documenting, and evaluating real estate as well as an art form that showcases the architect or builder's creative vision and evokes emotions applicalbe to the desired purpose of the photos.

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California Department of Real Estate Broker License-01375287. FAA Part 107 Temporary License Certificate Issued; Final License Number Pending