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California Native Grasses
Coming Soon: Levender and Wildflowers

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California Native Grasses

California Native Grass cuttings, including Purple Neddlegrass for arts and crafts.
Drought tolerant California Native Grasses (full plants) for desert landscaping and ornamental patio gardens.
Coming soon: Lavender cutings and lavender-based products derived from California-grown lavender.
Coming soon: Cut wildflowers.
Coming soon: Potted wilflowers.

Farmside stand, located on Carrizo Plain, one of California's most beautiful wildflower viewing areas, is currently in the planning stages and is expected to open for the Spring 2025 California Wildflower Bloom

Please call or text 559-612-6629 to get notified once the Cardoza Family Farms online store and farmside stand are open for business.

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Please visit: CaliforniaRealtyClassifieds.com to post and view real estate classified ads throughout California.

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